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Mothers Day: Where It All Began ?

baby princess         Mother’s Day will be celebrated on Sunday, May 12th this year. As young children we grow-up being told that “today is Mother’s Day,” or “Mother’s Day is next week”, etc. But have you ever wondered how this day of honoring Mothers even came about? Or why is it that white and red carnations are given? researched the meaning behind such a Special day to see what inspired setting one day aside every year to Honor our Moms.


            The first incarnation of Mother’s Day in America was created by Anna Jarvis in 1908. The official Mother Day holiday arose following the death of Anna’s mother, Ann Reeves Jarvis, in 1905. Anna grew up watching her mother teach the local women of West Virginia how to properly care for their children and created the “Mother’s Day Work Clubs” (1861- 1865). Then in 1868, Anna Reeves Jarvis gathered mothers of former Union & Confederate soldiers together to promote reconciliation, which became known as “Mothers Friendship Day.”       


          On May 10, 1908, in a Methodist Church in Grafton, WV, Anna Jarvis organized the first Mother’s Day Celebration, in an effort to honor mothers for the sacrifices they make for their children. That single celebration drew a congregation of 407. Anna adorned each patron with a white carnation, for it was her mother’s favorite flower.                                              

         Today, because of the persistence of Anna Jarvis’ massive letter writing campaigns to prominent politicians and newspapers, and her determination to have her holiday added to the National calendar, we are still celebrating Mother’s Day today. Ms. Jarvis never married, nor had any children, but spent her life champaigning and arguing that American holidays were biased, they focused on the achievements of males, and not females. In 1914, Anna’s efforts, became a reality when President Woodrow Wilson established the 2nd Sunday of May as “MOTHER’S DAY.”

  Golf layette       The holiday of honoring mothers is observed throughout the world in different ways. In America it is a personal celebration between mothers & their families. Carnations are given to adorn our mothers still today, white carnations honor those mothers who are deceased, and red carnations pay tribute to those alive. Mother’s Day is one of the largest   consumers holiday spending days.

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