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puppy         For years, people celebrated the holidays without their loved ones; however, for many of us, the thoughts and effects of not being with family members never seemed to “matter that much,” until it actually happens to them.  This happened to be the case for me, for this year there are several members of my family who will not be joining us.  When children are grown, they have “the other side-of family” to spend it with; not always convenient in travel and time to see “both-sides.”  Then you have the military families who can be placed in various parts of the world, and other times, you just have the regular inconvenience of just not being able to gather everyone’s schedules together.  But no matter where the various members of my family are, I want them to know that I love them, miss them and are thinking of them always.  And for those family members, I will be with, how thankful I am to have them.  I never want to forget how blessed I am to have my family.

           In 1957, Elvis Presley recorded: “I’ll Have a Blue Christmas Without You”  Intitally, Presley was feeling very blue and homesick for Graceland.  He was living in the Bel Aire area, while filming a movie.  According to , Presley was driving around looking at Christmas decorations with friends, when they passed a mansion all decorated in blue Christmas lights.  The mansion impressed him so much, that they following year, Elvis Presley decorated Graceland the same way.  He not only decorated the house, but put blue Christmas lights all the way up the driveway from the front gate; and each year he added more & more blue lights to the trees and bushes.


Christmas is the main time of year, when people surround themselves with their family.  However, there are people everywhere these days, who will be spending the holidays without their families, or certain loved ones.  The reasons for their family separations could be many, and their grief for being without them will all vary.  It doesn’t matter why the family isn’t there to celebrate together, but how it effects everyone is still the same….it can result in loneliness.  Everyday an illness or accident claims a life of someone’s loved one.  A solider is killed leaving behind his family, or a child dies as a result of cancer, a car accident, or a crime.  There are financial constraints which keep distance apart, or perhaps families are separated due to broken relationships or military commitments.  Whatever the reason behind not spending Christmas with your family, remember you are not alone, there are many others spending Christmas without their families, too.

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Family is important, but it’s more important to be able to celebrate what you have.  So take a few minutes, during this holiday season, to focus on all you have in your life, and not so much on what is missing.  Be thankful for your family, wherever they are. If you have lost your love one, then Christmas may never feel the same again.  Take some time to embrace their lives, create new traditions, and find a way to honor their life:  maybe give to a charity; help feed the hungry in a soup kitchen; donate coats & hats to homeless shelters; share a part of your day by visiting nursing homes and assisted living communities; or share some music & presents with those patients who are hospitalized.  We can all give so much, with minimum costs just by giving a hug, shaking a hand, and sharing a smile.

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There are times, when it may not be possible to physically be with your love ones during the holidays.  But remember, the post office makes it convenient to let them know you’re thinking of them.  If you have a special little one in your life, or know an expectant mother & father to be; visit our store at:  and find the perfect gift to send them this Christmas.  For your convenience, we are open 24/7 for all your shopping needs.  Order online & we can ship directly to their door step.  Here you will find a wide variety of unique baby gifts along with gift sets to choose from for preemies to toddlers,we carry  gift baskets, adorable baby clothing and baby safe toys and accessories with many things in between. Whenever possible we work with suppliers who carry only American manufactured products that are made with the finest materials & fabric to protect and comfort baby’s delicate skin.
Christmas without family to spend it with can be the hardest time of year, and loneliness is the hardest feeling to bear.  When you find yourself alone, think of all the opportunities you have available to spending the holiday with others.  Invite friends over for a get-together; many family celebration welcome friends to join them; and there are endless ways to help someone else and making their holiday brighter.  But most importantly, don’t be afraid to ask, and find a play to join in…you’ll be glad you did!
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