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Monthly Archives: June 2012


Whether you are a man or a woman, single or married, we all at some time in our lives need to or should make the decision whether we want to have a child.

In today’s present society of self-gratification: Should I have a child? Is my career, profession, spirit of adventure, material wealth out weigh wanting a child or children ?Do I want to give up my lifestyle and in many cases my financial security or will a child enhance my life or will I resent the time and money required to properly raise a child?

A child is of your making, the responsibility of molding a young mind with the proper moral beliefs and behavior needs to be primarily. Ninety percent of a child’s brain thought formation is molded by the age of five! In addition, securing a decent education must be a priority in today’s society unless that child secures a marketable skill be it technical or a skilled trade or goes to college for an extended education in a specific field must be addressed! You and your child will have a financial struggle for several decades.

In addition, the most important aspect in today’s society is having the time to care and teach your child. Children learn from example and need to express their feelings about everything to you. The social pressures for you child or children today at every age is unbelievable! The bullying of kids at school, the lack of respecting the elderly, the teaching that each person is an individual and the acceptance or tolerance of other peoples behavior as long as it doesn’t harm you needs to be reflected in our behavior for they learn by example. There is still prejudice and it is showing in the disintegration of the family

Why are there so many parents that aren‘t aware where their child is at all times? Yes, we can blame some of this on the financial burdens to provide but too many parents are forgetting why they decided to have that child.
To all the wonderful Fathers that not only financially provide for their child or children great but also more importantly take the time to show love, encouragement and teach. I wish you a very Happy Fathers Day! I would like to add to the many single parents who teach, love, discipline their child, and provide financially, I wish you a double Happy Fathers Day!

Adele Gockenbach