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Monthly Archives: May 2012


APlaceForBabys_Adele_Answer_Grandma.jpg  Happy Mothers Day especially to the stay at home Moms and to the Dads that “Okayed” Mom to remain at home with their children. Motherhood is the hardest and the most important job any one can experience as well as being the most rewarding job. I know that every mother to be and dad to be has the discussion about the future responsibilities of having a child and the financial cost. Can Mom be a stay at home parent or return to work after their maternity leave? The parents that make the decision to make the sacrifice to put off returning to work or who are lucky enough to work out a plan that either parent would be home with their child at all times realize the true meaning and responsibility of parenthood! Children need to be loved and taught moral beliefs by example. Today, unfortunately too many parents are too busy or to tired to teach, talk and educate their children. Why do you think that nowadays that more & more violent crime is being committed by younger adolescents? Is it our society , or the times we live in with violent acts being shown in the news, in the movies or in video games as a normal act or our children not being taught the moral values of right or wrong? What Do You Think??? Hope to Hear From You All Soon, Adele Gockenbach